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8 Awesome Weekend Getaways From Kota

8 Awesome Weekend Getaways From Kota

If you are planning to visit Kota and have some time in hand, then there are plenty of places nearby to check out. If you are in this town for a longer period then you should definitely head out to these areas and explore the little townships around, weekend retreats along with some wonderful heritage sights that are not worth missing out. So here’s a guide-

1. Jaipur from Kota

hawa mahal jaipur

About 257 kms away from the city of Kota lies the main capital city of Rajasthan, Jaipur. It is one of those cities that you surely should head to for a weekend getaway from here. The drive takes approximately 4 hours and so you can either head out early on a Saturday morning or even go on a friday evening. 

The roads are pretty safe and well made so you can drive with ease. Since you are going for the weekend alone, make sure to do the sightseeing on Saturday and head out for a relaxing or fun shopping day in Jaipur.

Where to stay- There are luxurious hotels here along with budget friendly accommodation and home stays too. So there’s something available for everyone in the city.

How to reach- It takes 3 hours to reach Jaipur from Kota. You can go by bus, train or even car. There is an international airport here.

2. Ajmer from Kota

ajmer rajasthan

The fifth largest city of Rajasthan is also about the same distance as the city of Jaipur. But if you are looking for something more peaceful and quite, then this is the destination to be. Along with the many sightseeing places here you can have a fun weekend checking out the amazing palaces and heritage sites in the vicinity.

Where to stay- If you want to indulge in some luxury then stay at one of the palatial hotels here or head to some of the smaller budget hotels here. There are some bed and breakfast places available too.

How to reach- Reach by road from Kota in 3 hours. You can also take the train to reduce the time. There is an airport in the city too.

3. Bundi from Kota

Less than an hour away from the city of Kota is Bundi. It is a beautiful city that has sparkling rivers along with gorgeous lakes and breathtaking waterfalls. Plentiful of nature is available here. So you can be assured of touching base with natural beauty. Some of the rarer varieties of flora and fauna can be seen here.

In fact, the inspiration novel Kim was inspired by this city to Rudyard Kipling. Spread over more than 5,500 square km, the city is surely a must visit from Kota.

Where to stay- Along with the government lodges and rest houses, there are small hotels here too. Be ready to spend the night near nature.

How to reach- Reach by road from Kota in an hour. You can also take the train.

4. Baran from Kota

baran rajasthan

About 72 kms away from the township of Kota is Baran. This is a town that has also got some historical and mythological importance. As a result people for all over the country flock here to visit the places like Sitabari, Kakoni, Bilasgarh, and Shahabad Fort. Sitabari in particular is of great historical and religious significance.

According to Hindu mythology, Goddess Sita, wife of Lord Ram, had given birth to her twins Luv and Kush at this place. There is also a very famous Sita temple here and the yearly Sitabari Mela or fair is held here. Along with this, other popular tourist areas here include Bhand Devra Temple, the Brahmani Mataji Temple along with Manihara Mahadev Mandir.

Where to stay- There are plenty of comfortable and small scale hotels available in the area. You can also opt for a guest house or home stay.

How to reach- Reach by road from Kota in an hour. You can also take the train.

5. Jhalawar from Kota

jhalawar from kota

About 82 kms from the town of Kota is Jhalawar, another town that has historical and cultural importance. Most people visiting here don’t miss out on the popular tourist sites like historical Jhalawar fort. Also called as the 'Garh Palace’, this fort binds together the modern city with old times. 

Along with this, Jhalawar is also the home to a 100 ft high Surya Temple, which is dedicated to the sun god. Inside the temple are amazing carved sculptures and statues. 

Since it is located on the banks of the River Chandrabhaga and is also bounded by walls, it reminds of a historical township in contemporary times. Along the River Chandrabhaga you will find plenty of temples from the 6th-14th century era. You will also come across many Buddhist caves here.

Where to stay- Being a popular tourist spot, you can find plenty of accommodation here to suit different budgets. Don’t expect lush hotels here but comfortable ones are available.

How to reach- Reach by road from Kota in an hour. You can also take the train.

6. Tonk from Kota

tonk weekend getaway from town of kota

For reaching tonk, you need at least a good couple of hours in hand. May be more if the traffic is bad. So it is advised that you leave Kota early in the morning on Saturday. 

You can reach Tonk in a couple of hours then and enjoy the bygone era to the fullest. The town has many tourist attractions and you should be prepared to make a check list of all the places you want to see. 

The most visited place would be the Sunehri Kothi or the ‘Mansion of Gold’. It was made by the Nawab Mohammed Ibrahim Ali Khan and is a house for all kinds of cultural activities like music, dance, etc. It is also addressed as Sheesh Mahal due to the polished walls. 

Then there is Rasiya Ke Tekri, which was named after a Kayasth lover, who sang loves song here. There is also the Ghanta Ghar and the Jama Masjid here that you must check out.

Where to stay- You can stay at the government lodge here or the circuit house. Along with this, there are plenty of resorts and hotels here to accommodate your budget needs.

How to reach- Road travel is the best here via your own car or bus.

7. Ranthambore from Kota

ranthambore rajasthan weekend getaway

If you want to touch base with nature over the weekend then Ranthambore is the place to be. It is located about 3 hours from the city so you should head out pretty early in the morning to make sure that you reach here on time. 

Ranthambore is the home to one of the best Tiger reserves in the world and here you can experience seeing the royal Bengal tiger or even leopards, bears, sloths, wild bull etc. Hanging out here is just so much fun and you can actually come up close to one of the wild creatures. 

Once you are done with the exploration of the forest resort, you can head out to places like There are several lakes in Ranthambore, namely, Padam Talao, Surwal Lake and Malik Talao. Padam Talao, which is the biggest lake inside the national park. Apart from this, you can head out to the city and do some shopping and sightseeing too.

Where to stay- One of the best places to stay would be the Jogi Mahal, which is an ancient guest house that is situated on the bank of a lake. Then there are many other places here that include forest lodges and resorts inside the national park. You can also stay in the main city if you want, which has plenty of accommodation for different budget needs.

How to reach- You can reach here by road from Kota in a couple of hours. However, you can leave your vehicle because the same will not be allowed inside the park.

8. Chittorgarh from Kota

At a distance of about 82 kms from the heart of the township of Kota is Chittorgarh, which is one of the most popular destinations in the city of Rajasthan. If you are traveling by car or by bus, you will need about 2 and half hours to 3 hours to reach this city. The city is perhaps more famous for its heroic tales that has made the city very popular. 

As per folklore, Bhima, who was one of the Pandava sons, from the mythological Hindu epic Mahabharata, had arrived here seeking immortality from a sage. But he was very impatient and hence didn’t succeed. 

He got frustrated and thus he stamped on the ground. He stamped so hard that a water reservoir formed in the area, which also got its name as Bhim lat or the leg of Bhim. Even today, you can visit Chittorgarh and experience the beauty of this reservoir.

This city is very popular with tourists because it is located on a 180 m high hill top. There are some historical destinations here that should be checked out like Fateh Prakash Palace. This was constructed by Maharana Fateh Singh with temples of the lord Ganesha inside. 

Other places include the Sanwariaji Temple, Tulja Bhawani Temple, Jogniya Mata Ji temple and Matri Kundiya Temple. Then there is also the Bassi Wildlife Sanctuary here along with the Sitamata Sanctuary and Bhainsrorgarh Wildlife Sanctuary. 

A popular Archaeological Museum is located here too that has beautiful artifacts from the Gupta and the Maurya Dynasties.

Where to stay- You can stay one of the palatial resorts in the city, which are known for their grandeur. There are some home stays here too along with government lodges and guest houses.

How to reach- When traveling from Kota, it is best to hire a car or even take a bus here. There is a railway station here too.

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