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Business and Economy of Kota

Business and Economy of Kota
Kota has a wide range of flourishing industries which are the backbone of country's economy. Several  thermal power plants, traditional indigenous industries, engineering companies and fertilizer industries are housed in Kota, which adds to the glory of Rajasthan.

Agriculture in Kota

The city is rich in the trade center for cotton, millet, wheat, oilseed and coriander, etc. which are grown at large scale. Their favorable climate and suitable stretch of land provide a regular income for their business. There are various industries in Kota include textile weaving, cotton and oilseed milling, dairying, distilling and the manufacture of metal handcraft.

In the year 1985 Chambal Fertilizers and Chemical Limited (CFCL) was established to produce urea fertilizer, sugar, farm input marketing such as DAP, seeds, pesticides, plastic are their primary business and the other businesses are cement, textile and energy services.

Textile Industries in Kota

Kota Doria Sari industries are one of the popular and traditional industries in the region. The sarees are known for their exceptional qualities and international designs. These saris are popularly known as Masuria in Kota and Kotadoria outside the state (‘Doria’ means thread).

Mining Industries in Kota

In Kota many hundred of mine are located in or around the district which are major contributor to the economy. There are fine-grained variety of limestone and quarried at Kota district. Greenish-blue and brown colored stone are most popular in the region. It is used for commercial building, balconies, driveways, corridors, pathway, exteriors etc and also used in wall fixing and lining, chemical industries as flooring.

Power Plants in Kota

National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC ) and Kota Super Thermal Plant generate and supply electricity to the entire state of Rajasthan with their neighboring  state of Madhya Pradesh. Amongst these powerhouse of Kota NTPC is the largest repository of thermal power in the Indian subcontinent. With the purpose of boosting the development of power in the country NTPC public sector organization came into being in the year 1975. Established in the year 1964, Instrumentation Limited (IL) set up with the prime objective of attaining self reliance in the field of control and automation for process industry.

Kota commercial and economic importance was shown in an event, the Business Summit 2013 which was held in 2013 to discuss on the Kota’s organizations and businesses that focused on growing their business exponentially.

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