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Kota Municipal Corporation

Kota Municipal Corporation, which operates under the strict supervision of Rajasthan Government, is one of the prominent administrative bodies of Kota district, as its main aim is general welfare of the common people. The Municipal Corporation of Kota that comes under the jurisdiction of Kota district comprises of elected and nominated members which is headed by the Chief Executive Officer. The Municipal Corporation of Kota, the fifth biggest city of Rajasthan, considers the various developmental aspects. It supervises and handles many administrative sectors of the place.

Municipal Corporation in Kota

Structure of the Municipal Corporation of Kota

The main administrative body of the city, came into existence in 1921 to meet the growing needs of the city. Further, the municipality upgraded to corporation in 1993. The Chief Executive Officer, assisted by Development and administrative commissioners perform the management functions of Kota Municipal Corporation.

For administrative convenience, Kota has been divided into 60 prominent wards. There is one Municipal Corporate from each of these wards, who are elected by voters of the place. They address and the people of their ward and work for the development of the particular ward. The time period of the ward members are five years.

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Kota Municipal Corporation is responsible for providing basis services like water, drainage management, solid waste management, street light, roads and sanitation. Here gives a brief description of some of the notable functions of Kota Municipal Corporation;
  • Ensure good transportation by constructing and maintaining good roads.
  • Provide adequate water supply.
  • Try to ensure twenty four hours electricity supply.
  • Maintain proper sewage and drainage system.
  • Beautify the city by constructing recreational parks.
  • Build public toilets.
The Kota Municipal Corporation finds out revenue for all the developmental activities by collecting taxes from residents of the place. Municipal Corporation also tries to entertain people by conducting various cultural activities and fairs. The registration of birth, death, marriage etc. of Kota region is also under the control of Kota Municipal Corporation.

Dessehar Ground, CAD Circle,
Kota H O, Kota-Rajasthan – 324001
Phone number: 0744 2505405

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    LOKESH KUMAR BABBAR from KOTA 1169 Days ago

    Dear All,I want to draw your kind attention towards the following important points.(1) Open NALA with dirty water and garbage in INDRA VIHAR near ALLEN should be cleaned. It will help thousands of students moving and staying around.(2) Cow and buffalo in milk diary farm in Indra Vihar should be removed and shifted to out skirt of city.(3) Rain water is flowing out from NALA to road surface along with garbage. Please to the needful in these cases.With best regards,L K BABBAR ( SCIENTIFIC OFFICER), DEPT OF ATOMIC ENERGY. Mob: 08989935668

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    No one answer to the call kota municipal corporation is just waste ,full of people like garbage.

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    Mohammad Bakhsh from Kota 1662 Days ago

    Though garbage removal has improved ,services for cleaning of chocked sewer line has not shown improvement particularly along main link road of Vigyan Nagar Block No 7 to 13.The replaced sewer line has been terminated in to open Nala which remains always clogged. Corporator Smt REKHA of our area has visited frequently for immediate relief.My BLOCK 12 is very badly affected.The pre monsoon work must be done failing our blocks will be flooded with rain water.Immediate relief may please be provided.

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    k Expertfrom 1643 Days ago

    Hi! Kindly contact the municipal corporation and inform about the problem for the solution of the same.

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